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Get a friend to drive so that you don't end up in the ditch

Le 12 January 2018, 04:05 dans Humeurs 0

Get a friend to drive so that you don't end up in the ditch, craning to get a better view of Monte Amiata, my favourite mountain, or of the towers of Siena in the distance. You need a large choice of shots to play with when you get home to your computer. Once home you can't re-shoot, you have to work with the material you've already collected. Now, after downloading the images, backing them up on DVD or an external hard drive, you have hours of fun ahead of you, selecting the images to work with and then juxtaposing them perfectly and seamlessly to create the ultimate illusion, that looks effortless. Just as well that it is more of a joy than a punishment to potter along the winding roads between such jewels as Pienza and Montepulciano, |San Quirico d'Orcia and Montalcino, you don't even need the excuse of photography. Well, these days it is a viable alternative, one much used in the professional photography world, but if you're going to do it well, there is still a lot of work involved. The beauty of digital is that you don't have film costs to worry about. Take a lot of permutations of the same shot: different depths of field, different points of focus, different angles, different light situations, and bracket, bracket, bracket your exposures. Only you have the satisfaction of knowing how much work went into creating the perfect photograph of Poppies in Tuscany. A detailed map will help you explore the strada bianca (dirt roads), but they are not always completely accurate, so be prepared to head off into the unknown and turn back at a dead end - all part of the adventure.It can be hard work locating the perfect field of poppies in front of the perfect view of a Tuscan town. Kit Heathcock copyright 2006

You've located your shots of your background town and your foreground poppies. A flat field of poppies stuck onto a hill shaped foreground is just going to look like a collage. Return to the same place at a different time of day to get a different angle of sunlight on your poppies. So no escape from the driving around Tuscany searching for the perfect shot then. You think it might just be easier to slap in a dimmable led filament bulb Manufacturers field of poppies on your computer at home later. The magic of Tuscany is the unexpected view, a hidden crumbling brick farmhouse with cypress trees, a perfect field of poppies. This time you are going to need to find two shots: one of the view of your chosen town in Tuscany, ideally with a nicely defined hill curving gently in the foreground, which will be filled with poppies digitally later; the other the poppy field itself in a similar light to your first picture and on a similarly contoured hill or field.

When the issues are clarified, you waste less time on what is not so important.

Le 2 January 2018, 03:34 dans Humeurs 0

Because He has His finger on the triggers of coincidence . When the issues are clarified, you waste less time on what is not so important. Many people cling to beliefs and yet no one knows exactly what its like to be on the other side until you are there. I know that there is life after death and we just have to believe in it and we will eventually be in Spirit and see it firsthand. (It s not the dogma, it s the doing. Psychic insight is often one of those abilities you keep. Were like babies in that we dont know all the answers. The analysis of the events of your life in your psychic reading with Cherokee Billie clarifies what is really at issue in your life, and clarifies what your next step in Spiritual Growth or Personal Development is.From all the different communications I have received lately it seems like people are greatly confused about what happens after death. After that initiation, it is events of the person s life, and the voice in your gut that are the training, the lessons. Faith Is Believing Without Seeing. Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen. At some point you are trained by the events of your life to accomplish and support events God wills, sometimes by channeling them. Gradually your will (your willpower) is becoming God s will as you and God become one; and God s will is almighty . This is the great spiritual truth and is The Great Work, the Mystery. You create events nonphysically. This is where believing without seeing is critical. . Seeing a pattern in the events of your life is seeing your path. To understand spirituality is like trying to encompass the ocean in a cup. A lot of your work in this dimension and on this planet is done in the nonphysical realms in your sleep. Being one with the Divine Spirit and giving up the petty part of your individuality is a net gain. The focus of your path is what you do, not what you believe: God wants you to think or believe in whatever motivates you ahead in your growth. As time and events go by, you become less focused on your physical life and are more out there in your perspective. . so you gradually become able to make things happen. It is an act of will a decision, that s all that starts a person on the mystic path of being one with the Divine Spirit. It does not matter what your beliefs are or what term you use for God, the Great Spirit, Allah or vintage bulb Manufacturers what ever, they all lead to the Divine.) Ignored lessons recur in ever harsher more obvious forms! Transmuting the self interest is enlightenment, is a victory for light over darkness to you; and to God it is His cleaner house. 

We humans have only so much time, so we go much farther with clear light on our path one step at a time. You cant teach a baby algebra and for us to understand and comprehend spirituality is about the same. . This is where faith comes in. You get to keep some of the talents you develop in the endeavor of supporting or accomplishing the events God wills. . Everyone has a different belief and we are all right and we are all wrong.

Reflect on Your Progress Its a good idea to occasionally

Le 13 December 2017, 04:50 dans Humeurs 0

With this in mind, it's not a good idea to stop vintage bulb Suppliers for a long break until all four corners of the watercolour paper have been coated with watercolour solution. Alternatively, on a bright day, trace the sketch onto the watercolour paper by attaching it to a window and using the natural light of the sun. Brush Selection Paint with the biggest painting brush which you will be able to get away with. Hold back until you have had a decent break before you decide to assess the art work so far. Good quality watercolour paper should also be used; it is advised to use a paper which is made from 100% cotton fibres. Find the Correct Board Angle Ensure whenever watercolour painting, that the brush is suitably wet (but not drenched) with the solution of paint. Wood pulp paper on the - other hand - is by far an inferior surface to paint on as it lacks the absorbency required. Paint the surface you need to, but don't overwork a passage. With the use of a light box, carefully transfer the sketch, or perhaps a photocopy of it onto the watercolour paper. But don't forget to leave some areas unpainted where you think you may require white spaces. It can be assessed just how much further you have to go as soon as the original coating on the surface area of the painting dries out. Watercolour Paper Selection Use high-quality art supplies for painting in watercolours, a selection of good quality paintbrushes will always make a significant difference.Here are a selection tips and techniques for explaining how to paint with Watercolour paints for artists who are at a novice level of painting. The solution for the wash needs to be reasonably well saturated together with the original watercolour paint in order that the colour produced is of sufficient intensity - although it should not be heavy or opaque. You may notice a small bead of liquid forming towards the bottom edge of the brush stroke. Make sure to keep the paint brush wet, the watercolour paint solution stirred whilst keeping it with a suitable level of intensity of colour.

Reflect on Your Progress Its a good idea to occasionally stop painting and step back from the watercolour painting. Tilt the watercolour paper slightly, with the intention that the wash runs down the sheet a little bit due to gravity. There are of course many different techniques to watercolour painting so it is always a good idea to try as many as you can so you can find out which ones work best for you; doing this help you to determine your own individual style of watercolour painting. This is different than your quick sketch, which is very small and ought to be done after you have completed the larger sized sketch. There is no definitive way of doing a watercolour painting and it is always advisable for beginners to try new watercolour painting techniques in order to develop their own individual style. Do this towards you in one direction only. This shows that your brush is suitably wet and that the board is tilted at the correct angle. For Detailed Paintings If the watercolour painting is somewhat intricate, create a full-sized sketch of it in pencil on standard drawing paper. A Quick Sketch Before you decide to paint, do a quick sketch of the scene to ascertain exactly where the mid-tones, light-tones and dark areas need to be, this will provide you with a plan which you can follow as you paint.

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